Fengdan Qin

was born in 1997, in Beijing. Qin is currently living and working in Brussels. She acquired her graduate degree (Grand distinction) in 2022 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels. 
The body of her work seeks to explore the nature of existence, melding the realms of pictorial pleasures, post-modern literature, and the fascinating science of natural history that binds each species together. As the painter explains, when the language of painting fails to assure her, she looks to science to sustain her visions.
Through her work, she aims to evoke a profound sense of wonder, introspection, and appreciation for the natural world that surrounds us.
Paintings are a way to celebrate beauty and sensuality. Colors burst forth in harmonious symphonies, enticing the viewer into a mesmerising world of emotion and expression. She believes in the power of visual delights to transcend the ordinary, awakening a connection with the very essence of human experience. Behind each brushstroke, there are narrative tales of delight and passion, inviting audiences to indulge in the simple yet profound joy of aesthetics.
Inspiration drawn from post-modern literature to natural history museums permeates her artistic narratives. To deconstruct traditional narratives and visual conventions, her paintings become open-ended invitations for contemplation, questioning established norms, and embracing the enigmatic allure of existence.
At the heart of her creative process lies a deep reverence for the interconnectedness of all living beings. Her imagination transcends time and space, intertwining past, present, and future. The human body, in all its vulnerability and resilience, becomes a muse through which she explores the essence of existence. Flesh, with its ephemeral nature, becomes a fundamental essence through which the stories of life's intricate tapestry are etched.

2020-2022    Master of Fine Arts (Grand distinction), painting dpt, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels, Belgium
2017-2020     Bachelor of Art (Grand distinction), painting dpt, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels, Belgium

2024  A fly’s sight, Solo Show, La sapinière, Brussels, BE
2023  Curiosité mal placée, Duo show, Brussels, BE
2023   Stories take no time, Duo Show, Brussels, BE
2022   One for the road, Solo Show, Brussels, BE
2022   The end of the beginning, Laureates group show, Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, BE 
2022   L.Y.F.E, Group Exhibition, Eleven Steens, Brussels, BE
2022   Dépeindre l'après, (Group) Graduation show, Espace Vanderborght, Brussels, BE
2022   'Man in blue' at Carré Parfait,  Solo show, Rue du lombard 76, Brussels, BE
2022    Carte de Visite, Group Exhibition, Espace Vanderborght, Brussels, BE
2022    ANA, Group Exhibition, Tour à Plomb, Brussels, BE
2021     Concrete jungle, Group Exhibition, Brussels, BE
2021     Open, Group Exhibition, Le botanqiue, Brussels, BE
2021     Etat des lieux,  Group Exhibition, Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, BE
2018     OHNO Picasso, Group Exhibition, Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles , BE             
2018     Redbird,  Group Exhibition, Galerie Kubrick Lamar, Paris,  FR
2017     Une Rencontre, Solo Exhibition, Cabinet 151, Paris, FR
2022    Prix de la Fondation Boghossian, Brussels BE
2018     TV Bastille with Blabla Wilson, Paris, FR
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